You Won’t Believe That The Granny Hairstyle Is Now The Latest Fashion Trend

When we all see women with grey hair, the first thing that comes into our minds is our grandma. With all the weird trends of the world today, outcomes another one, a beauty trend that is starting to flood our Instagram timeline, which is the “Granny Style” hair style. The Granny Hair or Granny style is basically a hairstyle where the girl colors her locks grey or silver.

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This look is definitely redefining the word, “Going grey”, literally! This brand new fashion phenomenon is taking over the world by storm. It is quite of a surprise, since grey hair is often associated with aging, and many aging women would dye their hair as it gets grey. However, thanks to this style, grey hair is no longer exclusively for the old. Today on Instagram, you can see plenty of young, beautiful faces who are donning the granny hairstyle, with confidence and flair.

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No matter if you are starting to get grey hair naturally, or even if you hate grey hair that you would always dye your hair, thanks to this trend, women no longer need to worry about it, and just let her silver locks flow free as this is definitely a good news for aging women all around the world. The Granny Style is now a trend, especially to those who had always loved to dye their hair silver.

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There are plenty of girls taking selfies with their silver elegant locks and sharing them all over social media with the now popular hashtag, the “#grannyhair”. From Instagram to Facebook, our timelines are flooded with pictures of girls with silver or grey hair. From professional models taking beauty shots to amateur selfies taken and uploaded by proud granny hair girls. While people are usually against aging, looks like women can take a sigh of relief with this trend.

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For this brand new granny hair trend, if you are going grey naturally, all you need to do is simply slowly reduce the amount of colour as well as elegantly let the grey hair to start to appear. If you are not going grey naturally, or if you want to enhance the look and complement the grey tones, you could add on lighter ash highlights to make it stand out more and look more elegant.

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However, stylists suggest that if you were to don the granny hairstyle, you should make sure that you have a great haircut, otherwise it will not look good, and look as if though you just don’t bother to take care of yourself. Stylists also suggest the use of silver shampoo, as it is able to help brighten the hair as well as remove unflattering yellow tones that could come with grey hair. Since the locks are bright in colour, it could absorb pollution such as cigarette smoke, and it will cause the hair to look dulled down and tarnished.

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While the actual granny style should be a full head of silver or grey locks, some girls are experimenting with the look, by adding in highlights of other striking colours in to add in some flair ad personality. Ladies of all ages are now keen to try out this granny style and are starting to don grey locks. This fashion trend had spread all around the world very quickly through social media, and it is now seen as sexy and adorable.

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Many stylish girls would match their complexion with the hair colour mix of highlights. This style can also complement all sort of hairdo, whether they are curly, straight, permed, or tied up in a bun, long flowing, pixie cut, or tied up in braids. It just works. This is one of the reason why it has become so popular. It is starting to look great no matter what, simply because each strands are highlighted, which improves the look.


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It all started from one fashion show. The origin of the trend is traced back all the way to Jeal Paul Gaultier’s special catwalk show that was held at the Paris Fashion Week, which featured all silver hair model which was earlier this month. The vision was to send out a statement to embrace the beauty of older women and leave them as natural as possible, and this idea was loved by the mass and fashion enthusiasts. That was however not the first time that the world class designer had experimented with the grey-haired look.

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Instead, he had already tried it out on younger models at his Autumn/Winter cat walk show in 2011. All of the models had grey hair or silver hair. Even celebrities were already donning the granny hairstyle. Kelly Osborne and Nicole Richie are proud owners of granny hairstyle. Even Rihanna and Lady Gaga too were often spotted with granny hair. It definitely makes the hair look elegant in its natural form.

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