A family who has bought its own island. What’d they do with it?

The Hunters

A couple bought an island for $15,000. This small island has now been turned into a private space that can be used as a way of escapism. The “Hunters”, a family of a husband, wife and their son have worked into the island to change it into a mind blowing resort that people would come to, stay and pay them. The island was originally bought by the mother “Melita Koulmandas Hunter” while she traveled in Cambodia in 2006, while they had originally shifted there in 2005.

beautiful island

In South East Asia they had planned to stay just an year and then move to New York, but apparently fate had different plans for the family. The beautiful island of Song Saa, in Cambodia was bought by her when the husband Rory had shifted to the capital for his job, in Phnom Penh. The couple with their only son Naryth had visited Song Saa. This place is plain amazing and one cannot help but be mesmerized by the beauty it.

Award ceremony

The place is surrounded by turquoise waters, and is almost 18 miles from the Sihanoukville coast. The spot is Paradise for travelers. It sure takes a great deal of effort to start a business like they have, and yes it has been paying them off very well. This is while Mrs. Hunter was awarded for her resort. The spot had in earlier times been abandoned with only locals living there, who had personally wanted development in their home area. When the couple visited the island back in 2006 the locals saw it as a ray of hope.

SongSaa Map

After the Hunters got their hands over the land rights, it was smart enough of them to secure a 99 years of lease with the government. After all of the legal contracts were set straight the progression with infrastructure was started.The Hunters have invested millions into the project and the business has flourished, their resort has expanded greatly, having 27 private villas today. $869 are charged per a night stay in a villa and the family has been making great sums of money out of their very own resort today.

beautiful villas

This is a great example of how well entrepreneurship skills can pay off. As stated the resort’s restaurant is also award winning which is a plus for the guests, the place serves Khmer cuisine and also has a bar full of luxury. Once a guest has reached Sihanoukville they can take private boats to reach to the resort, another viable option is taking a helicopter directly to the Resort if one has reached till the capital, Phnom Penh or Sieam Reap. All the villas are separated and look like completely different areas like all the houses in a society with personal spaces so that the guests can spend all the time of their holiday in a complete escape from the world.

holiday point

All the villas are very private and the couple has worked a great deal to get everything made so up to the mark and luxurious, they have also hired locals from the surrounding islands to give a native touch to the environment. This is one ambitious couple and have been working with all the dedication in running their business. It is funny how their plans of staying in Cambodia for an year or a two has caused them to stay there for 10 years now, moving to the New York City part of the plan never really came into effect.

The resort

The husband and wife, the owner of this beautiful resort are both from Sydney, Australia. They had met in Auckland, New Zealand where Rory had a job and the wife had a small organic design business of her own. Right after the couple fell in love they had planned onto moving to the New York City. Before they could move to NYC Rory had been offered a job in Cambodia and so they moved there instead. The Resort villas that they have on the Song Saa island are available for the amounts in between $600K and $1.75 million. More than 80% of their working staff is Cambodian, Melita has personally designed this whole resort and it has also used recycled materials.

The resort

The Song Saa resort sure is expensive but totally worth it. The natural beauty of the resort sure is captivating but more than that is how well the space has been utilized by our very own designer Melita. This place is full of beauty from the interior to the outdoors. The resort gives its guests an unforgettable experience and no one cannot stop themselves from falling in love with this beautiful resort just by looking at these pictures. Who wouldn’t want to visit a place as such?

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