You Won’t Believe What WalMart Cameras Captured

I’ve heard some people such as Chris Rock do stand-up comedy and tell us all about African-American people hair troubles.

As a Caucasian guy myself, I still don’t know if what he said about Afro’s being true or if it was just part of the show. Chris says every African person basically has an Afro unless they calm it down. Well, if that is true then I can understand coming across the occasional African-American person that was born with a major Afro issue like this woman in the picture below.

It almost looks like she has two heads in one. Or maybe the hairdresser didn’t know how to do highlights, so she just put an extra mop on top.


Since I just was talking about a African-American person and am probably getting bad looks, here’s a funny looking Caucasian lady to calm the mood. Yes, I could care less what color skin you have; if you’re funny then you’re funny.

This lady apparently is a young mother as you can see by the child in the front of the trolley. I’m not sure how many light years she was pregnant for to have her chest fall to the ground in that way, but she needs to see a doctor and quickly.


I’ve never been a huge fan of dread locks because they usually come with scalp problems. Some people manage to have clean-looking dread locks like that Charles guy from TMZ — I like those ones! However, usually they don’t look that nice.

You can throw all sense of usual out the window after looking at these two examples below, though, because I’ve never seen anything like it before in my life. These two have so much hair matted under the lock that it’s kind of turning into carpet.

The authorities need to start doing something so that the food in the store stays more sanitary. If these guys walked past your cereal boxes it would probably end up with a disease or spider inside by the time it got back to your cupboard.


As someone who is getting a bit older now, my parents are starting to age. Let me tell you what that means: lots of smaller things that give you every sense that they will soon be looking exactly like this women pictured below. Or is that a man? It’s looking more like a man now.

Whatever he, she, or it is, it needs to keep living for entertainment purposes alone. What exactly must be going through your mind to think it’s OK to head out to the local WalMart looking like this? Are you buying that on your head of did that come with you before you got here?


For every 100 people you see that make you feel sick, you’ll see one who makes you stop thinking about food and drink completely and wonder more about how your abdominal muscles are looking today. The problem? Well, about 50% of those people will know it and that makes them less attractive.

Still, I’ll have no problem acting like I don’t want you when you look at me and begin drooling as soon as you start looking away.


I don’t know who manages to get up and accidentally put their jocks on over the top of their pants, but someone in WalMart has managed to do just that. There’s a slight chance that it is a dare or a lost bet.

However, I say slight because by the looks of this guy he has genuinely put his underpants over his pants because he looks really that lost. Some might call it sad, others hilarious. I’m a cross between the two but it’s funny for at least the next 30 seconds.


I’m lost for words. For several reasons. Lets start with those wonderfully toned calves only to then expand to something the size of a hot air balloon before we get to the mid section.

While some men like them big, they don’t usually offer much purpose for the kids. That is until this guy realized what a great ladder his Mothers behind makes so he can finally see things ahead.


What do you think?