Two Years of Being Bullied, This Boy Shocked Everyone

8 Year old Christian McPhilamy had to endure two years of bullying and endless name calling just because he had long hair. They called him all sorts of names, and somethings they would call him a girl. But little Christian did not care about all the bullying and all the name calling. All he knew was that he had a goal, and his goal is to grow his hair long. He however shocked the world when he does a heart-warming thing that puts everyone who bullied him to shame. Christian McPhilamy wanted to grow his hair because he wanted to….


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Christian McPhilamy wanted to grow his hair because he wanted to donate it to charity! The sad fact is that he was not just bullied by children of his each, but adults too were calling him a “girl”, and they even offered to give him money to go and cut his hair. Why is society so strongly against boys with longer hair? Are the majority people so insecure to the point that they have to bully an eight year old just so they can feel better themselves? Christian McPhilamy showed true perseverance when he withstood all the ridicule for something he believes in.


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It all started when Christian McPhilamy was six years old, he saw a commercial for the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and that commercial changed his life forever. According to his mother, Deeanna Thomas, he made his own research so he could find a way he could help, and he found out that he can donate his hair. After 2 years of growing out the hair, enduring all sorts of name calling and bullying, Christian finally grew hair out to 10 inches long. Words cannot describe how strong and powerful Christian McPhilamy is, especially for his age.


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Christian McPhilamy decided to donate his hair to the Children with Hair Loss (CWHL) non-profit organisation. The Children with Hair Loss non-profit organisation was created as a place where all children who suffered from hair loss due to medical conditions to get hair replacements in the form of wigs. The hair replacement serves to make the children whole again, help them with improving their live, as well as help them to regain self-confidence. We applaud little Christian McPhilamy who braved through the bullying and insults so he can donate his hair for a greater cause – and this is what makes him amazing.


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When his hair was finally long enough, his parents helped him to chop it off. They tied his hair into 4 sections of ponytails, about 12 inches in length each. They snipped it off and tied each end with rubber bands. This is to fit with the requirements set by Children with Hair Loss to ensure that the hair is in optimal condition when it gets to them. Thanks to hair donors, children who suffers from hair loss from conditions such as cancer treatments or burns are able to get a wig, even when they cannot afford one.


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Although he was bullied and criticized, Christian had his own fans supporting him and cheering him on, especially after hearing about his touching story. Many people were singing praises and calling him a hero. An actual employee of the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital even got into tears when she read the story. The McPhilamy family is known for their good deeds, such as his three year old sister donating her toys, and the parents leaving money at Redbox movie kiosks just to tip and make the day for someone. This is a good example of how parents can teach their children to grow up and be generous as well as help those who are in need.


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His parents believe that it is always about helping everybody around you to make the world a better place. The brave act of Christian McPhilamy had inspired many others to work towards their heroic goals. Besides Christian, another boy recently decided to donate his locks. 8 year old Adrian too decided to chop off his hair to donate it to charity. His barber uploaded a picture of little Christian with his wishes, and the post went instantaneously viral, with many people applauding the boy for his kind soul.


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