The New Split Hair Trend Taking Over Instagram by Storm

There is a new sexy hairstyle trend that is currently taking the world by storm – and flooding our Instagram feeds! Introducing, #SplitHair! Yeap, you heard me, it looks like what it sounds like. It is the style of colouring your hair in two tones, split right in the middle. Could it be the style was inspired by Cruella DeVil from 101 Dalmatians? Because it totally looks like it. Either way, many girls are spotted with this edgy looking hair style. Since it is already flooding our Instagram news feed, will the split hair trend take over the world by storm?

Picture 1

This new phenomenon is exactly like the name suggests, you dye your hair one side with one color, and the other side with another. Usually, it is split right in the middle at the crown of the head. This fashion, we daresay is the best solution to those who just cannot decide on which pastel color to dye their hair. Get both, why not! It helps to show your diverse personality, or perhaps maybe you want to see if you look better with one of the colors, and want to try out both. First things first, you will have to prepare yourself, because you will attract stares.

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Worry not with the stares. People are always attracted to something new, or something attractive to say the least. It is different, it is unique, but as long as you are happy with your hairstyle and your hair color, why bother what others think? One of the celebrity trendsetter that might be responsible for inspiring this look could be Hayley Williams, the lead singer of Paramore. She certainly is not afraid of what people think or how she prefers to style herself. You should not worry too! Look at how gorgeous all these people look with the split hair hairstyle.

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Another well-known celebrity that had joined the split hair bandwagon is none other than singer and composer, Kesha. The beautiful songstress was spotted with a split hair of pastel blue and pastel pink, and she definitely rocked the look! Hair nicely styled, with a beautiful dress on, she actually looks elegant despite the edgy split hair look. Now who says that you have to be a glam fashion lover or an emo girl to pull off this hair do? In fact, this hairstyle had been spotted for a while, and might originate from the kawaii girls in Japan, with their anime inspired fashion.

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It is definitely a fun and unique take on colourful hair in a while that has hit the fashion world. If you look up the hashtag on Instagram, you will see that normal everyday girls are pulling off the hair do. Black and blond, black and red, pink and green, blue and blonde, Pink and purple, dark brown and light brown, brown and blonde, you name it! There are a lot of colour combinations, which could sometimes make it even more difficult for you to choose a hairstyle. If you are not too keen on the crazy colourful look, you could always go for more tame colours.

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Or, if you are the bold, crazy and edgy type, you could always opt for more colourful, bright colours like pink and blue. It all depends on what you want, which colour you like, and what colours do you think would best represent your look and personality. You could even match up your hair to your makeup. Be creative and limitless. Some would even go the lengths to match the hair, like dying their eyebrows to match the contrast of the hair, like this girl in the picture. Now that is really brave and sending out a statement of confidence.

Picture 6

This girl is sending out an ethereal mermaid vibe. The blue and green contrast works beautifully with the green contacts that she is wearing. The split hair phenomenon is getting popular by the day. If you want to join the bandwagon, it is time to pick two colours and just do it! Perhaps two colours that you’ve always wanted to dye your hair? Or maybe go crazy and be a blonde-brunette, brunette-redhead, or any combination that you like. Be brave like these girls, browse Instagram for inspiration and perhaps maybe event motivation! Seeing other girls just doing it might just encourage you.

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