The 18 Year Old Who Has The World’s Longest Tongue

Adrienne Lewis finds her tongue to be 4 inches long

Adrianne Lewis, an 18 year old girl from Twin Lake, Michigan, United States has recently started claiming that she has got the world’s longest tongue! She believes her tongue is 4 inches long when stretched down to its full length, but she has yet to get it measured by the official Guinness world records team. Adrianne wishes with all her heart to beat Nick Stoeberl who currently holds the record of having the world’s longest tongue, with his tongue measuring to be 3.9 inches long. Adrianne relishes what she can do with her tongue and that includes simply alot! She can touch her nose, elbow and foot with it and with a bit of help from her hand she can even touch the tip of her tongue to her eye.

Adrianne completely flipping her tongue

As she is enjoying the attention she is getting from all around the world for having the longest tongue the world has ever seen, Adrianne’s videos have created a sensation over YouTube. Her videos have consequently become viral. The first video that she made of her tongue got her 250 views in just a day which completely overwhelmed her.

Adrianne's family, a family of long tongues.

Her mom says they had noticed her considerably long tongue when she was between the age of 10 and 12. Her family realized this when they saw her experimenting and exploring what she could do with her tongue. Adrianne’s genes can be blindly credited for her super long tongue, her mother too believes that Adrianne has got the length of her tongue hereditarily. Her Great grand father’s and grand mother’s tongues were long and so is her own mother’s tongue. On the contrary, Adrianne thinks that her long tongue is a resultant of her love for sticking her tongue out, right from when she was a child, which in turn must have even further stretched her tongue; as a result of human adaptation.

Adrianne showing off her long tongue

She says she was a weird kid who loved playing with and showing off her tongue to everyone. As one would expect she recieved all sorts of reactions from her fellows, the “Oh My God! This is so cool” ones and the “Ewe, Gross! Stop that!” ones. Both! But this beautiful young lady, was never ashamed of what she had inside her mouth. Her usual reaction at being made fun off were just some flickers of her Super-sized tongue, right in the bully’s face!

While posting videos of her tongue on her YouTube channel

Adrianne is very excited and wants to make sure that she makes the most out of what mother nature has gifted her. She has been posting videos of what her tongue and she is capable of over her YouTube channel. After she got such a good response over the social media right at the start, she was willing to make more videos, and has been doing so ever since. She is known over the internet by the name “Long Tongue Lewis”

Having ice cream with her boyfriend

Although her family and boyfriend are a bit concerned about her videos over the internet,  in which she is doing funny and creepy stunts with her tongue; she herself has been proved to be very bold especially because of how she handles the unwanted attention that she gets. All she believes in doing is comfortably deleting any comments that she gets, having a negative connotation. Especially her boyfriend “Tim Hegedus” gets a bit uncomfortable on seeing people commenting that they would want to marry her for her tongue, while he on the other hand is madly in love with the human attached to that tongue and the soul that possesses that tongue.

She can touch her eye with the help of her one finger

While she receives mixed response from the outside world, Adrianne is one lucky girl to have family and friends who wholeheartedly support her in achieving what she longs to achieve, that is to hold the Guinness World Record for possessing the world’s longest tongue ever! The whole world is curiously waiting to see if she is able to get the title on her name or not.

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