11 Childhood Celebrities, Then and Now

carmen grown up

It is always astonishing to find out what have become of the celebrities whom we loved as children. Here is a list of 11 of the super stars we used to look up to in our childhood. First up on the list is Alexa Vega. Alexa Vega is best known by her role in the movie “Spy Kids”. When the “Spy kids” movie fever ran across the globe,  she was made one of the most well-known mini super stars. Every other kid from around the world, wanted to be Cameron. But now you get struck when you see Cameron as a 26-year-old, grown-up, beautiful woman who has established her identity as a singer too besides an actress.

The older home alone kid

All of us completely adored this cute little brat from the first two of the “Home alone” movie series. “Macaulay Culkin” the invincible. Sadly his evolving into this man has his involvement in drugs to be blamed, rather than the puberty strike.  He fell unfathomable deep into this pit and has become how nobody had ever imagined him to be. The little angel is 34-year-old now and has aged far more than he should have.


Taylor Momsen, got the privilege of being famous right at the start of her career of acting when the movie she was starring in, “How the Grinch stole Christmas” was a Super-hit. Everyone knew her as a cute little girl named “Cindy Lou” in their childhood until she came back up on a Super-hit CW Television series, “Gossip Girl”. She surely has grown into a gorgeous young lady. She is also famous for her modelling now and has been working on her singing career. This 21-year-old, is now leading the rock band “The Pretty Reckless”.


We now have the Matilda super-star on our list, Mara Wilson. Her lead character as Matilda Wormwood in the 1996 block-buster children oriented movie, “Matilda”; got her so famous that she’s still known to the world by that very name. Matilda was based on a book by the famous, Roald Dahl. She was known for her acting, because she was so good at it, she was also awarded for her work and earned quite a few nominations as well. Many will also remember her for her roles in “Miracle on 34th street” and “Mrs.Doubtfire”. She is 27-year-old now and although she has not been starring in movies she has established her career as a playwright, an intellectual writer, voice actor, and a stage actress.

Stuart Little guy all grown up

Remember Ray in “Jerry Maguire”? The same kid who played George in “Stuart Little”. That same old Jonathon Lipnicki is now at the age of 24, though he never put his acting career at a pause f he is still best known for his childhood roles. Today, his physical fitness and muscularity is to be credited for his interest in Martial Arts. He is currently training in Mixed Martial Arts styles though he is not sure if he is going to pursue this as a career but he sure has grown to be a very good-looking young man.

Josh then, Josh now.

The “Josh” we all knew as kids was a Smart-ass, but a big fat loser who we thought would never have a girlfriend. But how he had made the use of time to his benefit is a surprise to all his childhood fans. He is now 28 and has transformed into this irresistibly handsome young man. Josh Peck is known mainly by his character in the American television comedy sitcom “Drake and Josh”, that used to get aired over nickelodean. He is today also credited for being a role model for all the fat kids out there facing social problems in their lives.

Devin Ratray. The evil older brother in Home Alone

Here we have “Buzz McCallister” from the first two home alone movies. This very character is credited to have made “Devin Ratray” popular. He played the lead’s older brother. He kept messing with his younger brother Kevin, especially while their dad was away on business trips. His young face reminds one of the evilness he had played in the movie. Devin Ratray recently got more famed because of his work in movies such as Blue Ruin and Nebraska. He is at 37 years of age now and has successfully managed to still act in movies till date.

Annasophie Rob, violet from "Charlie and the chocolate factory" grown up!

Anna Sophie Robb is remembered as the girl “Violet Beauregarde” from the movie “Charlie and the chocolate factory”. This movie  toowas based on a children’s book by Roald Dahl. We remember her as the ambitious little brat, who was very sportive and also active in martial arts. Today she is a stunning young girl, all grown up and still acting on TV. She has her two movies still in post production process for the year 2015. It is mesmerizing to see how beautifully Anna Sophie has grown.

Anna clumsky, the "My Girl" little sweetheart

Anna Chlumsky, the 11-year-old who played Vada Sultenfuss in “My girl” and its sequel, is a full-grown woman now. We didn’t see her after she quit her acting career in 1995 to focus on her academics and strive forward at other places capturing her interest; until she returned back to showbiz in her late twenties in 2005. She is a happily married 33-year-old now and is also mother to a child.

alyson stoner, the little dancer grown up

The “Max” we know from the Walt Disney’s show “The suite life of Zack and Cody” is still the same passionate dancer that she was back in the day. Though we know her because of her appearances on Television as an actress, it is not a co-incidence that all of her characters have always been linked in some way to dancing and music. Her never dying love for the beats is still what makes her rock it, every single time! Her role as Sarah Baker in “Cheaper by the Dozen” also got her famous, so did her characters of Camille Gage in the “ Step Up” and Caitlyn Gellar in the “Camp Rock” series. She is 21 now, and is still working incredibly great as an actress, choreographer, singer and dancer. It feels amazing to see how she has not changed alot.

Haley Joel Osment 27 year old

Last on the list is “Haley Joel Osmet”. This man started his acting career at a very small age, after many little roles on Television he was offered a role in the thriller movie “The sixth sense”. This was the role that got him recognized for his acting and he was nominated for an academy award. He later on leaded in the Steven Spielberg’s “Artificial Intelligence”.. He never stopped acting and at the 27 years of age looks like this now.

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