Hayley King a 22 year old student gets caught on camera of poisoning her two roommates.

Hayley King the accused contaminator

Hayley King, a 22 year old girl, gets accused for contaminating her two roommates food. She was caught by her roommates inside the kitchen for ten minutes early one morning, the other inhabitants of the house out of suspicion and curiosity set up a hidden camera to keep an eye on her after they had left her alone for a while. These students from University of South Carolina had not been getting along with each other fine, right from the very beginning of the semester. The roommates knew she had bad intentions on her mind.

She roams around the kitchen for 10 minutes in the morning

They had been fighting with each other for over months before she was caught in the act. The two almost victims of this monstrosity had been trying to convince Hayley King to leave the house they were living in, South Carolina but she would not abide by their demands.

Her hand inside the refrigerator

The whole tape exhibited the graveness of her facial expressions, full of hatred for the other two. She does the whole thing as she must have planned it in her head, audaciously enough, with not even a tremble in the tips of her young fingers. This video is a perfect examples for one to witness, how personal rivalry with the youth these days can end up with their little minds turning towards a criminal activity.

probing for Windex

This young girl with no previous criminal record, obviously wanted to teach her inmates a lesson, but as she took the law in her hands she had to face what one must on such an atrocity. This girl has risked her future for the sake of the very casual bullying that a normal human being has to face in some part of his life.

As Hayley spat in the food

The girl was caught red-handed in the surveillance camera, that had been set up secretly by the two. Hayley was recorded first spitting into their multiple food containers. Afterwards, Hayley came back with Windex and allegedly added cleaning solutions to the food containers in the refrigerator. She clearly tried poisoning her two inmate girls, by spraying the blue, “Windex” inside their food, she very calmly put the food containers over the kitchen counter and mixed the cleaning supply into it. After she was done with the criminal act, she was recorded satisfactorily putting all the containers right back into the refrigerator, from where she had picked them up.

spraying Windex inside

The inmates have reported that right after they found the whole thing out with the evidence in their hands, they summoned her along with the police, and when the police inquired her about the happenings in the kitchen early that February morning she confessed that she was guilty of what she was being accused for. Hayley might seem like a criminal on the records but this was how her mind reacted to what was being built up in her head from the past few months. She is being said to believe that her act was an outcome of the shemozzle of her thoughts, about what she had to come across every day of her life. The two other girls had teamed up against Hayley and would mock her on almost every other thing, every other day.


Now Hayley King has been charged by the Columbia police department for the unlawful act of “malicious tampering with a human drug product”, this crime is according to the United States law punishable for up to 20 years of imprisonment. She was taken away by the police until the matters had settled to a bail and she having to keep fighting her case in the court.


The two inmate girls have not allowed for the media to show their identities to the public, they have even alleged that one of King’s friends has threatened them asking them to stay away from the girl as she was moving out of the place else she would take care of them herself, she said all this in very threatening words to the girls. All this made this young college girl look very bad to the audience, and the news of her crime spread all over the internet including the tape’s content becoming viral on the social media websites.

been arrested

One of the two girls have blamed all this, for affecting her both physically and mentally. She not only started lacking behind in her studies because of all this but also suffered from anxiety. Their studies had been seriously influenced including their health because of all that was going on around them, lately. Everybody has now put the reason of what drove her to demonstrate such cruelty aside, because of the extremity of the action she had chosen to make. The law believes that no verbal offence can be big enough to justify contamination of somebody’s food, which is itself a very dangerous and horrific offence coming from only a college girl. Hatred builds up many times for those you have to deal with everyday but attacking them with something this harmful is not how these issues have to be dealt with.

Posing with friends some days back

The police came and arrested the 22 year old Hayley King after the Columbia police department was handed the convict’s footage while she carried out a felony from Class C. Currently the criminal is out walking the streets freely, on a bail of $5,000 carrying a chance over her head of a 20 year prison sentence since she is right now facing felony charges. She is going to pay heavily for what she has done in the house she shared with the two college mates of hers, off campus. On the contrary the two girls saved from her wicked act could not be more glad for setting up the secret camera because of their doubts over how Hayley might react to the offences they were causing her. This whole fresh incident is a story with a very good moral for all the young minds out there, warning them one more time of the possible consequences of tampering with the law. No matter what takes over someone, because of the people with whom they have to roam around one should NEVER challenge the law, law is something one must strictly abide by. Some lines are better not crossed, and not all rules are meant to be broken.

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