Erica Edgerly’s Sister Was Sent Home From School For Wearing This

Erica Edgerly took to her facebook account to show the world what her sister had been sent home from school for wearing. The picture soon went viral around the web and over 100,000 people can’t tell what she did wrong. I think I can guess what might be the issue: she is wearing those tight pants that some people think should be illegal to wear on the streets (I’m not kidding). However, even though she has the tight leggings as pants, she is wearing a long top that is covering what would be tight around the bottom. So, is this worthy of being sent home from school or do you agree that she hasn’t done anything wrong? Here is the picture:


Here is Erica with her brunette sister attending a One Direction concert. You can see the picture for yourself if you visit her Facebook page. The caption reads that every blonde needs a brunette best friend. She then goes on to say that the brunette in the picture is her sister. We are assuming that’s the same sister that was sent home because it’s the exact same hair.


The good news is that Erica’s Facebook profile is set to public so we’ve been able to find some more shots of her sister. Thanks to our detective work we know that it is probably her on the top right shot of this picture. Erica says that she has joined a group but also hints that it is her sister that is with her. We think that is also the same girl on the bottom left in the light blue and also potentially the bottom right picture in the red top.


There is nothing said in the caption for this next picture, but we think that is the same girl (the sister who was sent home for wearing inappropriate clothing) on the far right. We are assuming this is The prom or something like that. Either that or they are going to the horse races.


Go Bears! Although she looks different in this picture, we think that it is the brunette who was sent home from school on the left and that’s Erica in the middle. American schools love their sport and cheer-leading is big over in the States. So there you have it folks! That’s all the dirt we could dig up. What was the point of snooping? Well, we get a better idea of what she was really like. While attractive, she definitely doesn’t seem like the type of girl to even want to dress inappropriately.


What do you think?