Hollywood Celebrities And Their Brothers And Sisters You Didn’t Know They Had

There’s something about Cameron Diaz. No, that wasn’t an attempt at a pun about the movie There’s something about mary which she starred in all those years ago. There’s just always been something about her that I’ve found striking. I never thought she was that good-looking if I’m honest, but now I finally think I know what it is! There’s two of her! Meet Chimene Diaz, the older sibling to Cameron and the girl who looks like her identical twin. They have very similar mouths, teeth, skin tone, hair, eyes and personality, but they are just sisters and not twins. Chimene is rarely ever spotted by the media because she enjoys living a normal life out of the spot light.


Brad Pitt was the most popular male celebrity when I was growing up in primary school. If the girls didn’t want to date me at lunch time Brad was always next on the list. Brad has a brother who is pictures on the left next to him below. They do not look similar at all if I’m honest. If I walked past his brother on the street i would not be thinking about Brad. However, that probably has some upside to it for a general rule of thumb if you’re a celebrities brother. It’s just unlucky this guys brother is known as one of the better-looking men in the world and he wasn’t blessed with that. His brother Doug, lives a normal suburban life away from it all.


Jennifer Lopez is on TMZ probably once a week these days. She’s a very popular singer and actor. In case you didn’t know, she has just finished doing a pretty good quality thriller movie lately. Jennifer has an older sister Lynda who doesn’t really look like her at all but she is attractive. They both reportedly have twins. jen admits to having a lot of help raising hers but her sister Lynda goes it alone.


Few “boys’ are more popular than One Direction’s Harry Styles. He is really popular with women and seems to be really great around them. Well, now we know that there might be a reason for that. Harry has a sister! Gemma Styles recently graduated from Sheffield Hallam University and Harry was there to cheer her on.


Jennifer Lawrence is one of those women from Hollywood where you really know her name well but you don’t really recognize her face. Some might even say she’s a bit “boyish”. Well, there’s a good reason for that. Jen has two older brothers Blaine and Ben.


Jared Leto started off an an actor although it’s hard to remember what films he was a part of. from there he has turned into quite the musician. few people wouldn’t know his name today. Jared has a brother who looks somewhat off. Shannon can be seen here next to his famous brother from the band 30 Seconds to mars.


If you know the popular vampire movie True Blood, then you probably already know Alexander Skarsgard, one of the main actors in the show. Alexander also has a brother and his brother looks like he has the potential to be just as famous. Wait a minute, he has three brothers Gustaf, Bill, and Valter and they are all actors. Well that explains it then.


Few woman are as gorgeous as Penelope Cruz. That bodes well for her sister being fairly hot too then right? Penelope Cruz does in fact have a sister and yes she is quite a good-looking woman. You can see a picture of Monica with her famous sister below.


Emma Watson was probably too young to be called attractive when she features on the harry Potter movies so I think most of the world sat around in secrecy thinking she was hot. Well, Emma is now all grown up and introducing us to her brother in this picture below. It’s funny how you can see the impressions the family has left on them. You can tell she has a brother after seeing them together.


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