10 Celebrities Who Grew Up As Ugly Ducklings

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Before Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to turn himself into the human version of The Hulk, he wasn’t really very good-looking. In fact, he was kind of weird-looking. You can still look at his face when he was younger and imagine how strange he would have been to walk past on the street before he was famous. Of course, after fame is a different story, We almost always love celebrities after they become famous and give them an automatic pass.


Charlize Theron

has a very interesting family history. Not many people know that she actually shot her own father after he was being abusive to her mother after a drinking binge when she was a little girl. Looking at her at around thirteen years of age you wouldn’t think that she would have had it in here. You can see her here with brown glasses, a pretty normally looking face, messy hair and nice white teeth.


Vin Diesel

If you were to ask 10 girls who their favorite guy in the world is, probably at least one of those girls would say Vin Diesel. You can’t argue with that too much because he does have some charisma. However, if you go back to when Vinny was growing up and before he had the big muscles you wouldn’t be able to understand what the girls see in him. Here is in a school photo looks fairly ordinary. It just goes to show that you really be ordinary and work out later in life and still do just as well with the ladies as almost anyone. The Vin-man has millions of fans on social media and has long-held one of the lead roles in The fast and the Furious movies.



Did you ever get a load of that TV show Welcome Back Cotter that was all over our TV’s sometime during the 2000’s after initially being a show from the 70’s? That was an awesome show! Well, would you believe that Drake looks like he would fit right into that show when he was younger. You can see him here dressed in a denim jacket in a black and white photo which helps make it feel like we are back in the 70’s. Truth is that Drake probably wasn’t alive back in the 70’s.


Kristen Stewart

has long been the target so many critics for not having enough of a personality, for not moving her face enough during expressions and many other senseless reasons. recently she’s also been subject of speculation with dating another girl. While all of that is being denied, if you take a look at her as a child you can see she was a bit “Tom Boy”, not that it means anything to do with her sexuality. Love her or hate her, you cannot deny that she’s grown into a very attractive woman to say the least. It wasn’t always that way though, as she had a bad haircut and anything but attractive head as a young teenager.


Nicki Minaj

is another prime example of someone who is really popular and well-liked these days because of her body more-so than her face. You can only assume that if her butt wasn’t have the size of Everest then she wouldn’t get half the recognition that she does. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at what she looked like back when she was a child. There’s nothing special about her looks in this photo at all.


Katey Perry

Now you can’t always just look at a photo and let it tell a complete story, but if you could I think this one of Katey Perry would shock most of the world. Can you believe that’s her? I think we’ve all had that one photo that we’ve looked back on and thought “is that really me, I look awful”, so you must take this picture with a grain of salt. However, for what it’s worth there’s a good chance the Queen of pop looked something like this before she tried making herself look differently as an adult.


Brad Pitt

From girls that looked like Tom Boys to boys that looked like, well, girls. here is Brad Pitt on his high-school basketball team. That sounds manly enough until you realize that Brad is the kid sitting in the middle of this photo; yes the guy with the girls haircut. If you are wondering, now that is not Ron from the Harry Potter movies sitting to his right and our left. We know that because he’s too tall.


Hugh Jackman is one of the greatest heart-throbs to come from the land down under. he has starred in many movies including the X-men series where he starred as Wolverine, Prisoners, Reel Steel, The prestige and much more. he’s also a fan favorite of Oprah’s and she loves having him on her show. What most people don’t know, though, is that he had the teenage jitters and his looks didn’t really start to come out until later in life.


Justin Bieber

Yes, we know that many girls won’t believe this one, but according to the pictures we have, Justin Bieber didn’t grow up as all that either. he is famous for having a baby face even in his most recent years as an adult. However, if you go back to when he was a young teen he had peroxide hair, a funny-looking face and lots of changing to do until he become the good-looking man who many people can’t get enough of today.


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