Why It’s So Hard To Sleep With The Same Person Forever

As we think back as far as we can remember from not only our lives but the lives before us as told through the media with documentation, TV shows and more, we have always known cheating exists and around half of the population find it difficult staying faithful to the one person for all of their lives.

However, if we take a look at how we are taught to live, life paints a very different story. We are brought up to believe that when we get older, we should “find the right one” and eventually settle down and marry. That’s the way humans live. But why?

Research suggests that Monogamy (the practice of staying married or a sexual relationship with one person at a time)  is most difficult for women who tend to get bored over time and thus lose the desire to have sex with their partners. Of course, many other factors come into relationships such as the way you are treating after time, the way our partners have a tendency not to try as hard as we last longer through relations just to name a few.

Monogamy is also responsible for killing the male libido according to Chris Ryan of Psychology. Today research tells us that the steady decrease is sexual energy is directly attributed to a man staying with the one woman for an extended period of time.

Above all, and arguably the most daunting fact in all of this report is that only three to five percent of all mammals are monogamous. What does that mean? Well, it tells us that our natural classification in being a mammal does not stay with the one other being for their whole lives. We know this by doing extensive research collectively for all mammals including years of research done with our animal friends.

The reports as mentioned earlier come directly from Meghan Laslocky of CNN, and it gets worse from there. Not only do we naturally not stick to the one partner, but research shows that doing so can be detrimental to our health. According to a study taken from the prairie vole animal species with is one of the most monogamous out there, sticking with the same partner can hinge the hormones the brain releases, as well as the brains receptors.

Before you go and throw whatever is in your hands up in the air, in frustration shouting “why do I even bother anymore” it’s important to note that this is only a science research report and not necessarily factual. While it is true that we as humans are mammals, there are distinct differences between us and most animals, starting with intelligence. Currently, there’s nothing to suggest that our superior brains aren’t helping us make the right decisions in life and there’s no reason why we can’t be different and why being different can’t be true or correct. Furthermore, if you ever need a case to argue against science reports, just realize they are currently working on a project to collect a paycheck, and at least some results are needing to be written down.

Most people you talk to will say they not only marry other people because it’s the usual thing to do in life but because showing that kind of commitment to our partners is considered romantic; it’s awesome to demonstrate that commitment to the person you hold closest to your heart. And, even if we do end up divorcing in the future and marrying different people, can we fault the practice of showing our current loved one the ultimate commitment or marriage to show our present love?

What do you think?