No One Said Love Was Easy, But Here’s Why It’s Worth All The Trouble

One of my favorite things to do in life is learning. Learning does have to come just from school books and complex math problems either. We have plenty to think about in our daily lives and often too much. One thing we can all share opinions with is relationships. Many of us have at least one relationship every year or so if we are not in the same relationship as last year. In essence, a relationship is relatively straightforward, and yet, we manage to complicate it to the ninth degree.

Your love is all I think about

The part that most people find confusing is that we all have problems in our relationships. Then comes the time when you have to decide whether the trouble is worth keeping for the person. What do we class as too much trouble or when it’s time to walk away and meet someone else? Is there a rule book for that? Is there a time that goes in stone. The short answer is no. Your next door neighbor might split up from their husband with two kids at one point, and the next person down the street might cop the same issue and still be with their partner that they haven’t even married yet. Or, they have only been dating for a few months. So, you can quickly start to see the complex nature of relationships and simply think about every relationship in the world is enough to make your head hurt.

Young couple laying on grass with hands forming heart shape --- Image by © Strauss/Curtis/Corbis

Young couple laying on grass with hands forming heart shape — Image by © Strauss/Curtis/Corbis

There are lyrics which go along with the Billie Holiday song that everyone should hear. There go a little something like: “All who love are blind… smoke gets in your eyes.” It’s normal for people to be different. We are. Those who think that are very similar often call themselves the soul mates. Others call themselves soulmates just for the hell of it because they like the way that sounds. The phrase from the song suggests that the love is so strong that we get blinded by smoke.


So, in truth, we all know life is complicated, and a million things can tear us apart. We go many directions and study at various colleges, and we have jobs in different states, get to know different people, we change from the people we were. Nobody denies all of those things are true. And, even more, scary is the thought that you can’t deny that some people do just grow apart and do lose that warm, amazing, strong, passionate feeling from the heart.


However, if you ever wake up one morning and think about that person you love so dearly; just the thought of them warms your heart. Hold onto that person no matter how many minor, small problems you might have. They are normal; we all have those. It’s the people who still feel the same on the inside that should try to work things out. Life is short, too short to keep going around to ten different people unless you are terrible at picking them.


What do you think?