9 Odd Life Hacks That Will Make You Say “Why Didn’t I Think Of that?!”

Sure, we’ve all seen the occasional ‘life hacks’ article around the web before, but we are confident we’ve come up with a new batch of photos that are not only different from any hacks you’ve seen before, but will also leave you speechless unless you are about to say “Why didn’t I think of that”. Don’t forget to click the next button over to the side and view the rest of the images because we only have one of them per page.

The first picture is a great way to toast your sandwich in the morning if you don’t have access to a traditional toaster. Why would I not have a toaster? Well, maybe it broke, maybe you’re away on a camping trip, or maybe your wife is going away with it on the girls weekend away. There’s plenty of reason why this is a great hack.


For those Americans who don’t already know, Starbucks is probably the largest coffee shop that specializes in take away drinks in the norther hemisphere. The Chief Executive is also the same guy who sold the Seattle Supersonics to crooks who stole the team over to Oklahoma and renamed them the Thunder. To this day Seattle still doesn’t have a basketball team. Well, if you have one near your town you can head in there on your birthday for a free coffee. The theory is that if you keep saying it’s your birthday they’ll start to notice your face. Either that or you need ID at the counter.


Some of you might not know the power of cinnamon. Those of you who like eating cinnamon donuts surely will already know the magical powers. For the rest of you, apparently if you put a good sizes teaspoon up your cracker when you have a common cold can cut the duration of your cold in half. That’s a pretty nice reduction if you have a lot of work on for the week.


Now this next one I don’t condone. Nothing annoys me more than a bunch of rough-looking half wits at the beach drinking and spoiling the day for everyone. While they think it’s harmless, the fact is everyone within a 3 mile radius of the ones drinking can’t relax because the half hobo looking bums are probably mentally unstable and could flip any minute. With that being said, we’ve got a great example of how the nice guys out there can sneak one in easily. Just disguise the drink in a traditional soda can like Pepsi, Coke or Sprite.


There’s always one pictures out of every ten we post that perplexes even us. So, instead of trying to explain it, we ask the audience to explain it to us. Do you know what’s happening in this picture? Let us know in the comments below. From what we can see, there’s some kind of dust pan coming out from the hand basin and it’s throwing water to a washing bucket.


You’ll hear some strange “facts’ throughout your life but this one takes the cake. Apparently, if you’re not in too much trouble, you can turn the situation around on a police officer before he tries arresting you and there’s nothing he can do about it. It’s one of those ones where you’re probably taking a large risk by attempting this. I’ll leave that up to you. let me know how it goes though.


If you happen to live around the city or work in the city, chances are you use an elevator a fair bit to climb up the many stories in each building. Here’s a nifty life hack you can use the next time you open the slow doors to your gateway to heaven. You can read the fine print on the right-hand side to see the instructions on how this trick goes down.


Coming from a small country town with its own generator that feeds power to the entire housing estate, I’ve had my fair share of night without electricity. I can remember one time when the lights went out during a popular summer time just before the sun was going down. I thought I would be sweet with my phone but then thought twice about how long the battery would last. I spent the next 30 minutes searching for something that would create light like a candle. I didn’t find anything. Had I have known the crayon was this handy I would’ve went searching for those instead!


Pancakes are one of my favorite meals. I love them because they are easy to make, fun to make, quick to make and you can easily spread heaps of different assortments on top. While that all might be true, there is at least one downside to the pancake batch that comes out of just about every pancake mix that nobody can help. That is until today.


Yes, how about using a tomato sauce or Ketchup bottle for your pancake mix so that when you squeeze the bottle, the mix easily stops from coming out. That eliminates any spilling over the sides of your bowl.

What do you think?