5 Easy Eyeliner Tricks You Should Know

If you are a woman coming of age it’s time to learn some tricks to get your eyes looking sharp. granted, you don’t have to apply any make up to look beautiful. You are naturally gorgeous. With that being said, many girls prefer to enhance their looks with some added extras. here’s a cool list of things you can try to apply to your eyes only. The first shows you two different pen colors for just above the eyes. use the darker option just above the eyes with the lighter brown shade on top of that.


The following picture is using the same picture as before but in a full tutorial. It’s the easiest method to giving yourself those cat yes that girls so often desire. Remember to use the two different colors with the lighter color on top. Never have the darker color as the second option as it doesn’t look right. You can apply the same for all eye colors and all different race and ethnicity.


Here is an exaggerated cat eye with a flick or tick at the end. It’s similar to the one above but is more noticeable. It looks great if you are a girl who has thick eyebrows like you can see in the picture above. We don’t recommend this one if you are a strawberry blonde or someone without much hair as it can look overpowering on the eye. But each person is different so if you think you can pull this one of you can look in the mirror and try it out.


Those who are digging the above examples but want to take things a step further can start looking into artistic design over the ye. The easiest way to make that happen is by applying different colors to the eye instead of using just the black and the brown shades as before. Apart from that you are applying the stroked in the same manner and also using the same shape. Red and yellow are often colors of china and the cat eye does look great for Asians. However, you don’t have to be just Asian to enjoy creating the look in the picture. It works for anyone. You should try it out in the mirror before committing to the streets and see if it suites your face.


Remember how I said strawberry blonde should give the earlier version a miss. Well, while that might be true it doesn’t mean they can’t dabble in thus one. You can see the model has lighter eyebrows and it looks great in this example. The lining is much different so you’ll need a steady hand to apply the following design. You can copy the first three steps but adjust the high of the line depending on how much you want to color. For less coloring you want to draw the line slightly lower.


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