12 Hairstyles That Last For The Week

When we are young we don’t mind doing our hair often. But that fascination quickly wears off when you start getting into your older teens and into a young adult. once you have done your hair about 100 times all of a sudden it becomes about how am I going to look presentable with little effort. Sometimes girls can spend hours on their hair and most people wouldn’t even notice. here is a list of cool ways girls can do their hair and the style will last around for at least a few days to longer than a week. The first on the list takes some doing but when it’s up and done you won’t need to worry about it changing.


The next one is called the Friar Tuck not to be confused with the Fire truck. That is a great way of remembering the name though if you keep forgetting! If you need a new style for a holiday away or heading to school looking casual you can try this style. It looks nice on just about every body.

As you can see, the next picture is only showing the last stages of a sequence. With that being said, it’s the most important and really only two steps that you need to learn. We all know how to get our hair like it looks in step nine. Now just lift them up and curl them with your hands like it shows in the tenth step. if you think that’s too difficult to do yourself in the mirror it’s probably best to get a friend to help you.

The following comes with a full tutorial. It’s called the Sock Bun Curls and although the steps look long, it’s not that hard to create. The model in the example has blonde hair but you can get this one done for any hair color. It gives a full bun on your head so make sure you don’t mind the look of buns. Furthermore, you can let the bun our and it gives your hair some nice waves. Don’t expect those waves t last the week though so you might want to keep the bun up for three days and release it for the final three. I know a girl whose hair would straiten out after a day or less.


If you want to create some overnight waves with fishtail braids you can create that easily by applying the following steps. The hardest part with this hairstyle is the leaving it overnight, Some people hate waiting and having to leave hair in position. You can read the steps in the picture. To sum up all you do is apply mouse to the wet hair, wait until it’s 80% dry and split the hair in two fishtail. Loosen up the brain and go to bed with it like that. Wake up the next day and completely remove the braids. Now you can apply the product to the hair if need be. This should be a favorite for many as it looks nice and is easy to create.


The following option is both pretty and practical. You need to leave it overnight when you sleep but it’s also easy to sleep with. Some of the others like having a bun or your head are difficult for sleeping with because they often fall out. There’s no reason why you cannot comfortably sleep with this style though. It’s for the girl who likes looking cute.


The braided crown is one of the most beautiful styles on the list. However, it’s also one of the hardest to pull off. You might need a friend to help you with this one, although the tutorial does show the girl doing it all herself,. You can learn how to do it yourself in time or if you are with experience. if you like this hairstyle a lot it’s cool if you cut the fringe the way she has it in the picture. Don’t commit to that unless you know it’s how you want your hair a lot or else you’ll have uneven hair for a long time until it grows back.

If you don’t mind the look of the loose bun on top of your head you might like to apply this style. It’s really easy to use and it stays around for days or even longer. What’s even better is that once you understand how to do it, you can easily apply the steps once more to start it from fresh,. This is one I recommend getting to know so you can always use it on the go or to change-up from your current style if it’s something different.


The following style works best when you have two different colors from the roots to the tip. However, it does work even for those who have the hair all the same color. You can do it yourself without the help from your friends just like you can see the model doing it in the picture. You might want to try it out in the mirror before walking out on the street though.


It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea but if you like looking sweet, innocent and unique you can try out the following. The hardest part about this hairstyle is you need to use several bands and it’s important to have them equally spread apart. If you are one that’s paranoid about the gaps being perfect this will likely drive you mad. With that being said, if you do get through that it’s a good style to wear as it lasts for ages and doesn’t pull on your hair much because it’s loose.


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