Zack Stopped Breathing For 20 Minutes, Saw Jesus And Came Back To Life (1 Images)

As a surfer who has visited the North Shore of Hawaii, I first remember seeing some amazingly large waves and some incredibly fit men on the beach ready to tackle those waves. It wasn’t along until I started hearing about survivor stories. As you probably know Christianity and Jesus are popular over in the United […]

Schools Kicks Out 12-Year Old For Fighting Cancer (6 Images)

12-year-old Rose has been giving cancer her best fight to try to beat acute lymphoblastic leukemia and somehow her school is treating her as if she’s a school yard bully, fighting in the playgrounds. The great news is after battling the cancer for three years, she is in remission stages and looks like she could […]

7 Reasons Why You Are Better Off With A Guy Covered In Tattoos (7 Images)

If you are someone who has been alive a while you’d know that before we hit the new millennium, Tattoos weren’t even really considered cool. In fact, it was generally just for really manly men who drink beer and watch car racing while their wives do all the house work. Now, though, it’s almost more […]

7 Teachers Who Were Arrested For Sleeping With Students (7 Images)

There are a whole lot of adult videos out there that fantasizes teacher-student lewd relationship. And if you think that it only happens in those sleazy videos, you are far from wrong. There are plenty of cases of teachers sleeping with their students from all around the world – and yes, that includes female teachers. So let’s take […]

Most Shocking Ways People Dump Their Partners! (7 Images)

We have no idea where the earth is going to, but we can safely say that the new generation with the current technology is really screwing up with our social culture. Back then if you want to dump someone, you have to brave yourself, rehearse your lines and do it face to face – like […]

The New Split Hair Trend Taking Over Instagram by Storm (7 Images)

There is a new sexy hairstyle trend that is currently taking the world by storm – and flooding our Instagram feeds! Introducing, #SplitHair! Yeap, you heard me, it looks like what it sounds like. It is the style of colouring your hair in two tones, split right in the middle. Could it be the style […]

7 Of the Elite Youngest Women Billionaires in the World (7 Images)

Back then in the good old days, to be the richest in the world, millions was the bench mark. But today, you need billions to be on that list! Let’s say that billionaires are the new millionaires. In this world, there are over 1,826 billionaires, out of them, 290 are new, and out of the […]

7 Celebrities Who Shockingly Sued Their Own Parents (7 Images)

There is an old saying that says those who are the closest to you are the ones that can hurt you the most. Unfortunately the saying is true. The feeling of neglect or betrayal by a loved one could hurt you so bad, it could even leave a mark on your soul. And parents should […]

Adrienne Lewis finds her tongue to be 4 inches long

The 18 Year Old Who Has The World’s Longest Tongue (7 Images)

Adrianne Lewis, an 18 year old girl from Twin Lake, Michigan, United States has recently started claiming that she has got the world’s longest tongue! She believes her tongue is 4 inches long when stretched down to its full length, but she has yet to get it measured by the official Guinness world records team. […]