Kathryn Wilson

10 Most Expensive Shoes in the World (10 Images)

Now shoes might be something you wear on your feet, but being worn on the feet does not mean nobody is going to see that garment. The shoes here cost so highly but it does not mean that it is because they serve the purpose they are worn for very well. That is to protect […]

Status FB

7 Reasons To Quit Facebook This Year (7 Images)

1. Waste of Time If you look a decade back you would see Facebook as the new social media website, creating a hype. People had started using it to keep an eye on the people they did not have very good terms with in high school. It was an all-new website getting fame as the […]

Brittney Palmer

10 Most Gorgeous Women in the Sports Industry (10 Images)

10. Caroline Wozniacki. Beauty sure lies in the eyes of the beholder, this though is our panel’s mutually decided list. We will go in a descending order to keep the best for the last. On number 10th we have this young lady, Caroline Wozniacki, a tennis player. The girl is a Polish by birth and was […]

shayne bria

11 Not So good-looking Celebrities with Beautiful Children (11 Images)

Beautiful face sure plays a key role in a human’s success but sometimes talent is enough. Once you become a celebrity it does not matter if you have a symmetrical face or a beautiful smile or not. Having their charisma help these people achieve everything in life, including beautiful children. These beautiful children seem more […]

Dodge ball

11 Best Perfectly Timed Photographs of All Time (11 Images)

1. Buddha and the plane. Ushiku Daibutsu, is a huge Buddha statue is Ushiku Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. The site is of great religious importance and hence is photographed a lot. This picture is taken from the right side of the statue and shows only one hand, that is the right hand of the statue. The […]

brazillian girl

Top 10 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women in the World (10 Images)

1. Brazil. Brazil as we must have noticed has given birth to a good many beautiful celebrities like fitness models for instance. In this Latin region one cannot NOT find beauty. Most of these women with their attractive complexion and skin quality are said to be beautiful, and have earned there homeland the title of […]

Jay-Z Beyonce

11 Insanely Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings (11 Images)

Just as a girl dreams her entire unmarried life how her wedding dress would be like, she too dreams of her engagement ring. This special ring apart from symbolizing love is also a sign of commitment that would last the entire lifetime of the person. But a celebrity’s engagement ring might just be a big […]

Mc Caulay

11 Celebrities who have changed considerably over time. (11 Images)

1. Macaulay Culkin The adorable little Kevin McCallister who gained popularity after his role in the movie Home Alone, got a heap of offers for other movies as a child star. This child star, starred in other movies like the Shirley Temple, in quite a few TV series and also gained popularity by his part […]

It’s Hard to Imagine People Like This Really Exist (10 Images)

Let’s Eat My Hand! Oh my, what on this green and blue earth is this girl doing sticking her hand into her mouth so deep like that? What on earth was she thinking on that very moment? I bet she was high on something. That has got to be it. Who in their right mind […]

Top 10 Best Tricks To Taking The Perfect Selfie (10 Images)

Be Creative If you want to take selfies that stand out, you will have to be creative. Think of something original. Let’s take a look at the example picture below. It is a selfie taken by Kendall Jenner, and it is the most liked selfie on Instagram, boasting over 2.4 million likes. She laid down, […]