10 Celebrities Who Grew Up As Ugly Ducklings (9 Images)

Arnold Schwarzenegger Before Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to turn himself into the human version of The Hulk, he wasn’t really very good-looking. In fact, he was kind of weird-looking. You can still look at his face when he was younger and imagine how strange he would have been to walk past on the street before he […]

Creative People Taking Selfies With Statues (10 Images)

When it comes to media and taking photos, few countries would do it as well as the United States of America. They are the one’s who have the famous fruit company (Apple) which started smartphones in 2007. Since then smartphones are responsible for a great deal of the pictures we take. Those same Americans also […]

12 Hairstyles That Last For The Week (10 Images)

When we are young we don’t mind doing our hair often. But that fascination quickly wears off when you start getting into your older teens and into a young adult. once you have done your hair about 100 times all of a sudden it becomes about how am I going to look presentable with little […]

5 Easy Eyeliner Tricks You Should Know (5 Images)

If you are a woman coming of age it’s time to learn some tricks to get your eyes looking sharp. granted, you don’t have to apply any make up to look beautiful. You are naturally gorgeous. With that being said, many girls prefer to enhance their looks with some added extras. here’s a cool list […]

Why It’s So Hard To Sleep With The Same Person Forever (1 Images)

As we think back as far as we can remember from not only our lives but the lives before us as told through the media with documentation, TV shows and more, we have always known cheating exists and around half of the population find it difficult staying faithful to the one person for all of […]