11 Childhood Celebrities, Then and Now (11 Images)

It is always astonishing to find out what have become of the celebrities whom we loved as children. Here is a list of 11 of the super stars we used to look up to in our childhood. First up on the list is Alexa Vega. Alexa Vega is best known by her role in the […]

Underage Girl Violated By Bra Search While Working At Poundland (5 Images)

If you’ve ever worked in retail and in particular a supermarket type shop, you’d know how common it is for people to steal. While that’s understandable, it doesn’t mean supervisors have the green light to strip search their employees in front of the other staff and customers. that’s what happened today when 17-year-old Naomi Scott’s […]

World Record Breaking Moms For A Variety Of Categories (6 Images)

Whether you watch TMZ or just read the tabloid, you probably already know all about Octo-Mom. She is the lady who somehow managed to have eight kids at once. You can see below how long her real name is. Nadya’s record is the most surviving children from a single birth. That’s interesting because it probably […]

Eek! Woman’s Tinder Match Is Secret Murderer (5 Images)

A woman known as Crystal got more than she bargained for when signing up to the new hit craze tinder mobile app. If you didn’t know already, Tinder is the modern-day match-maker application that let’s users sign up and see what the computer program pings back as a match with people who meet your criteria. […]

Erica Edgerly’s Sister Was Sent Home From School For Wearing This (5 Images)

Erica Edgerly took to her facebook account to show the world what her sister had been sent home from school for wearing. The picture soon went viral around the web and over 100,000 people can’t tell what she did wrong. I think I can guess what might be the issue: she is wearing those tight pants that […]

These People Died After Taking Selfies (8 Images)

You are probably thinking that we made these pictures up but in fact many of them were published in large publications such as Mashable and The Wall Street Journal. Whether you want to view it as a wake up call to not be so obsessed with taking pictures, or whether you just want to so […]

Meet 9 Of The Youngest Parents Ever (9 Images)

They say life is what you make of it and through most people’s life they do usually get stuck in perception. Most people wouldn’t understand what it would be like to know someone who is a parent really young because it doesn’t happen often. Those who do fall pregnant usually get an abortion because their […]

If Her Boyfriend Fails This test, She Will Leave Him (7 Images)

What’s the best way to find out whether you’re with the right guy or not? You could always set him up with a test to work out if he’s right for you. This is a real life story about a young woman who wanted to test her man. Now we don’t recommend you follow this […]

8 Pictures You’ll Need To Look Closely To Understand (8 Images)

Now it’s time to show you some really cool pictures that will trick your mind. The first is of a woman at the gym doing some weight-lifting. It’s only light-weight lifting and if you look at the picture you can see that it looks like she has no arms and that the bar is her […]