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Sarah Geronimo

Meet The Oldest Girl In Asia, Only 18 Years Old (6 Images)

Meet Ana Rochelle Pondare, she is as a patient of an immensely rare genetic condition that most of us are not even aware of. The disease is Progeria. This little girl from Philippines has just celebrated her 18th birthday, but her body ages 10 times faster than it should. As a result of her suffering […]

Laura makeup

Laura kills it with her make up skills! (7 Images)

Here we have Ms. Laura Jenkinson who happens to be a London based make up artist, but there is something particularly special about her that has got very popular in the last few years. She has got a special talent. Laura is a very innovative young lady aged only 25, who uses her face as […]

Chilean teenager

A 14 Year Old’s Request To Die Goes Viral (9 Images)

A teenager from Chile at the start of the year 2015 had recorded a plea to be allowed to die and the video had moved the world by going viral all over the social media. This girl in the video says her name is Valentina Mauriera, and she happens to be a 14 year old. […]

You Will Not Believe That This Woman Has Been Pregnant for TWO YEARS! (7 Images)

When news about a girl name Angie Dellora went viral, it sent shock-waves around the internet, especially among mothers and mothers to be. Imagine the struggle that every mother has to go through when carrying a child for 9 months – but imagine what Angie Dellora feels like, being pregnant with her boy for 24 […]

Two Years of Being Bullied, This Boy Shocked Everyone (7 Images)

8 Year old Christian McPhilamy had to endure two years of bullying and endless name calling just because he had long hair. They called him all sorts of names, and somethings they would call him a girl. But little Christian did not care about all the bullying and all the name calling. All he knew […]

Zack Stopped Breathing For 20 Minutes, Saw Jesus And Came Back To Life (1 Images)

As a surfer who has visited the North Shore of Hawaii, I first remember seeing some amazingly large waves and some incredibly fit men on the beach ready to tackle those waves. It wasn’t along until I started hearing about survivor stories. As you probably know Christianity and Jesus are popular over in the United […]