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The 20 Most Awkward Moments Caputred in Sports (20 Images)

Hurdles We are not sure what makes this hurdler where a pair of pants with one leg and the other side with no legs, but it makes for interesting conversation. So, what have you been up to? Just getting rid of the one hand of pants, how about yourself?

woman flop

9 Girls Who Failed Bad At Trying To Look Sexy (4 Images)

1. Can’t Go To The Beach. Whatever! I’m Still Fabulous This is Alice and this is her beach, right here over the street. So when her mommy said she could not go to the beach she slipped into her bikini and came to pose here. We honestly do not know what she had on her […]

kiss bride

20 Incredibly Awkward Wedding Photographs (20 Images)

On wedding day a girl tends to look the prettiest she ever has. But this little bride here decided to go a bit out-of-the-way to look sexy. Now we do not find her very desirable, but perhaps the groom did and more likely is that it was all his idea. Nobody else should be recommending […]

Photos Leaked Of Most Embarrassing Moments Of People’s Lives (11 Images)

I think no matter who you are or where you are in the world, we’ve all had some embarrassing moments. Luckily for most of us, however, our moments were not caught on camera, and better yet, are now available on the internet for the entire world to see. Some people weren’t so lucky. The people […]

This Teacher Left Job To Be Kim Kardashian’s Body Double (8 Images)

While you might think the entire world hates the Kardashian’s by looking at social media comments on Facebook or general word of mouth gossip, the statistic would suggest that many of those haters are secretly watching Kim and her family behind closed doors. Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s is one of the most popular shows […]

World Record Breaking Moms For A Variety Of Categories (6 Images)

Whether you watch TMZ or just read the tabloid, you probably already know all about Octo-Mom. She is the lady who somehow managed to have eight kids at once. You can see below how long her real name is. Nadya’s record is the most surviving children from a single birth. That’s interesting because it probably […]

Creative People Taking Selfies With Statues (10 Images)

When it comes to media and taking photos, few countries would do it as well as the United States of America. They are the one’s who have the famous fruit company (Apple) which started smartphones in 2007. Since then smartphones are responsible for a great deal of the pictures we take. Those same Americans also […]