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11 Most Miserable Fails You Will Ever Come Across (12 Images)

1. No fail as bad as a bathroom fail. One main thing you have to keep in mind when you design a place’s interior is, proportions. When you cannot keep those in mind something like this happens. This is the interior of a tiny bathroom we suppose, where there was not enough space for the […]

Erin Burnett

Top 11 Most Attractive Female News Anchors (11 Images)

1. Courtney Friel. The first on our list of a perfect mix of brains and beauty today is this gorgeous lady, from KTLA-TV in LA. Aged 35, she is one of the best TV news anchors over the TV right now. Apart from having a beautiful face, she stands at a good height of 5’6. […]

When You See It Compilation – Number 7 Will Make You Jump! (9 Images)

Don’t you just a love a good old compilation of “when you see it” pictures? What are “when you see it” pictures, you ask? These are photos that hides something funny, weird, awkward, sinister, and scary in the background, that does not seem obvious at first, but when you see it…. You will react to […]

girl arms

11 Confusing Pictures That Will Make You Look More Than Once (12 Images)

1. Which hand is hers? The pretty young lady posing with her hands over her waist does not know herself how confusing she looks. The girl is perhaps having a great night out and capturing for herself memories of the night. Beside her is basically a dude with a drink in his hand and has […]

These People On Facebook Will Make You Cringe (6 Images)

Remember the days when we all had that one friend who refused to create a Facebook account, thinking it will probably just be one of those fads. Fair to say those people lost and are now considerably behind the eight-ball. What’s more, most of them probably did eventually create a Facebook account by now. It’s […]

Man Sues Wife Over The Shock Of Seeing Her Without Makeup (5 Images)

A man from Algeria is suing his wife for fraudulent behavior because her face wasn’t what he had originally thought. Yes, there are many ridiculous stories floating around the internet at the moment, but this isn’t one of them. This story is indeed true and reported by several large publications you will find from Google. […]

You Won’t Believe What These Selfie Sticks Captured (7 Images)

It’s one thing to have the courage to hold a selfie stick and not fear looking like an idiot to the world. I don’t think I’ll ever fully understand the confidence and unconditional love some people have toward the selfie stick. It’s as if they don’t realize the world is looking at them like they […]

Hillary Clinton

10 Most Powerful Politicians In the World (10 Images)

All average adults know these names very well, as they hear them very often over the radio or their TV sets. We today are talking about the world’s top ten most powerful politicians, and would like to go in a descending order. 10. Bashar Al-Asad. This handsome face was sired by Afez al Asad, who […]

Brittney Palmer

10 Most Gorgeous Women in the Sports Industry (10 Images)

10. Caroline Wozniacki. Beauty sure lies in the eyes of the beholder, this though is our panel’s mutually decided list. We will go in a descending order to keep the best for the last. On number 10th we have this young lady, Caroline Wozniacki, a tennis player. The girl is a Polish by birth and was […]

Dodge ball

11 Best Perfectly Timed Photographs of All Time (11 Images)

1. Buddha and the plane. Ushiku Daibutsu, is a huge Buddha statue is Ushiku Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. The site is of great religious importance and hence is photographed a lot. This picture is taken from the right side of the statue and shows only one hand, that is the right hand of the statue. The […]

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Top 10 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women in the World (10 Images)

1. Brazil. Brazil as we must have noticed has given birth to a good many beautiful celebrities like fitness models for instance. In this Latin region one cannot NOT find beauty. Most of these women with their attractive complexion and skin quality are said to be beautiful, and have earned there homeland the title of […]