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10 Dumbly Expensive Overpriced Things Celebrities Purchased (10 Images)

Celebrities have long been known to make huge disposable incomes, now they need something they spend it on and they sometimes choose stupidly expensive things to buy. Mike Tyson for example is not supposed to be forgotten to be mentioned in this list, for the cats he bought. At the peak of his career he […]

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10 Celebrity Pairs Who Have Been Living Below Their Means (10 Images)

1. Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker. While celebrities all over the world have been famous for not sparing any amount that might make them look a bit more glamorous, we have a list of these. First up is this famous couple, that you would definitely agree lives very modestly. Given that you knew they were […]

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11 Not So good-looking Celebrities with Beautiful Children (11 Images)

Beautiful face sure plays a key role in a human’s success but sometimes talent is enough. Once you become a celebrity it does not matter if you have a symmetrical face or a beautiful smile or not. Having their charisma help these people achieve everything in life, including beautiful children. These beautiful children seem more […]

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11 Insanely Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings (11 Images)

Just as a girl dreams her entire unmarried life how her wedding dress would be like, she too dreams of her engagement ring. This special ring apart from symbolizing love is also a sign of commitment that would last the entire lifetime of the person. But a celebrity’s engagement ring might just be a big […]

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11 Celebrities who have changed considerably over time. (11 Images)

1. Macaulay Culkin The adorable little Kevin McCallister who gained popularity after his role in the movie Home Alone, got a heap of offers for other movies as a child star. This child star, starred in other movies like the Shirley Temple, in quite a few TV series and also gained popularity by his part […]

10 Celebs Who Look Hotter On Instagram Than In Real Life (10 Images)

Nicki Minaj At number 10, we have Nicki Minaj, the aspiring rapper who wants to follow the footsteps of Lil’ Kim, the original Queen of Hip Hop. She is known with her eccentric images and wild fashion, with bright colors, but has started to naturalize herself lately. Nicki would often Photoshop her Instagram pictures to […]

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8 Celebrities Who Transformed From Fat To Smoking Hot (8 Images)

1. Janet Jackson We’re kicking off this list with Janet Damita Jo Jackson, an American actress, song writer and singer and a celebrity who needs no introduction. She happens to be Michael Jackson’s youngest sibling. Though she has a popularity of her own because of all her interests, she is believed to be one of […]

Paris Hilton Kissing Mystery Man – Identity Revealed! (7 Images)

So does anyone here still remember Paris Hilton? The attempted pop star? The reality TV show star alongside with her then bestie, the daughter of Lionel Richie? Maybe this will help you remember, “One Night in Paris”. There you go. Yes, the socialite. Paris Hilton was spotted exchanging saliva with a mystery man while spending […]

7 Celebrities Who Shockingly Sued Their Own Parents (7 Images)

There is an old saying that says those who are the closest to you are the ones that can hurt you the most. Unfortunately the saying is true. The feeling of neglect or betrayal by a loved one could hurt you so bad, it could even leave a mark on your soul. And parents should […]

11 Childhood Celebrities, Then and Now (11 Images)

It is always astonishing to find out what have become of the celebrities whom we loved as children. Here is a list of 11 of the super stars we used to look up to in our childhood. First up on the list is Alexa Vega. Alexa Vega is best known by her role in the […]