This Mom Lost 130 Pounds In Less Than 2 Years—Here’s How (13 Images)

Kassidy Linde who was just an average woman who was spending the life with her love and it was all pretty well when she got to know that they are expecting a baby. Well, she also reacted to the news as any girl would and she was just so happy that now they are going to be a complete family. Anyway moving on, but since you know that every girl gains some weight when they are pregnant because of your body changes, your eating habit changes with that too! and that is all normal!

I don't usually post too much food on here! I eat for fuel, which makes my meals a little repetitive. I have been trying to meal prep more lately because I have been busy! This is a taco bowl I prepped and OMG! I used ground chicken with some taco seasoning, pinto beans, bell peppers and onions, and rice. I threw some shredded lettuce on top and added some fat free sour cream and it was delicious! I DO NOT COUNT MACROS OR CALORIES. I feel like I know what my body needs , so I eat accordingly. Counting macros would get me results quicker , but it causes me too much stress right now. I did 1/4c rice and divided a can of pinto beans equally unto 4 containers. Just an idea for any of y'all wanting to change up chicken and rice :)

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