10 Sexiest Fitness Models Who Love Their Racks (10 Images)

#2  Daphne Joy

Daphne Joy

Shedding of several pounds, here is Daphne Joy before you- the slim and well-toned body without any extra fat. She has a great collection of dresses that perfectly accentuate her female figure. Just at a glance, you can understand that Daphne is a strong, confident woman who is a Filipina. All the pictures on the internet and shared post on social media prove that she doesn’t feel afraid to show off her beautifully curved body.

At present, she is busy with her career as a model, designer, host and entrepreneur who is living now in Los Angeles.

After seeing her on Instagram, you have to admit that she is one of the hottest models on this earth whom you may have often seen in sizzling hot tow-string bikinis.

Catch up Daphne Joy on Instagram: @daphnejoy         

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