Woman Uses Her Hijab To Turn Herself Into Disney Princesses (5 Images)


Cruella De Vil

With a little bit of face paint and a cleverly crafted Hijab, a mother of two has managed to transform her face and appearance to look like a bunch of unique Disney characters. Like you know, a Hijab is what some Muslims choose to where over their heads. Funnily enough Disney characters seem to have has a either a lot of hair or something around their heads too. Though we do not know the woman personally, we do know she Queen of Luna on Instagram — and she doesn’t just do Disney characters either, as you can see from her profile.


Princess Jasmine

You can see that Queen of Luna makes for a pretty good Princess Jasmine when she wants to be. We show you Jafar — the main antagonist from the movie Aladdin — further down the list. Princess jasmine was also from the movie Aladdin and was  the love interest that was never to be for Aladdin. We are sure those two are probably kicking themselves they didn’t get together.


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