She Knew Her Baby Won’t Survive But She Still Bore Him for a Beautiful Reason (6 Images)

hope death

Hope, our little hope, could not survive for more than 1 and a half hours of her birth, but the talented doctors were able to get her liver cells and kidneys out of her to be donated and that is how now she is the youngest donor the world has ever seen. According to Emma, the grief of losing a child has not died but as they helped somebody else and knowing that their baby is living inside someone else brings some light in the darkness. It is in entire world that people in need of donors and donations die from no transplants and according to studies if we have a look at UK only, in the 10 years that have passed 6 thousand people have lost their lives because a donation could not be arranged for them. This little girl’s donation is capable of keeping 5 people alive as they wait for donations.

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