She Knew Her Baby Won’t Survive But She Still Bore Him for a Beautiful Reason (6 Images)

emma lee

She was determined to make good use of the weak person she was going to give birth to. She did something that would let the memory of her baby girl live forever. This story originates from another story, a story of another baby, Teddy Houlstan. When Jess Evan was 12 weeks pregnant she was told that one of the twins that she was having would not be able to live for more than a day or two after he was brought to the world. So Jess and her loving husband did something that was sane and very kind: they made their son the youngest organ donor ever. Their son saved somebody else’s life when he was too weak to┬ásave her own. This little thing had his heart valves and those two tiny kidneys removed. This helped save the life of a man named Mike who was undergoing a tough time due to renal failure.