9 Girls Who Failed Bad At Trying To Look Sexy (4 Images)


1. Can’t Go To The Beach. Whatever! I’m Still Fabulous

This is Alice and this is her beach, right here over the street. So when her mommy said she could not go to the beach she slipped into her bikini and came to pose here. We honestly do not know what she had on her mind when she laid there in the water on this street, right there where water pipeline broke.

But one thing is for sure, she thought it made her look quite good. The pose says it all, but sorry to break it to you Alice a beach behind that pose rather than running traffic would have been the better option. So next time your mother says no to the beach, we will advice you to wait till you can.

beach street

2. Zombie Nurse

The costumes have been in for a while, so to pick a cliché if you are new to something was a good choice we suppose. But with an expression and a pose like that, how many would you expect to attract?

This woman dressed up as a nurse in stocking has a grumpy face and is groping at her own breast. Groping is felt as attractive and desirable but doing it like that is just an insult of the posture altogether.

zombie nurse


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