10 Super Cool Pregnant Women Won’t Let A Baby Bump Ruin Their Halloween Costumes (10 Images)

Halloween pregnancy

A bump in your tummy is certainly not something to be proud on fun occasions. Especially on an occasion like Halloween when you want to dress up. But putting into consideration all that you could be over a Halloween party, this creative mother-to-be made a pretty good use of what mother nature had gifted her with. A costume as such did not make you look very scary either and give you the soft sweet feels of your baby. This is also something people around would  find adorable. The mother is wearing a skeleton costume and the costume shows the skeleton of her baby inside of her too.  She is expecting a baby girl and this is denoted by the cute little pink ribbon over the baby’s skull. A variant of it could be without a ribbon over the baby’s skull, this would mean that it is a boy the mother is expecting.