9 Quickest and Easiest Halloween Makeup Looks (9 Images)

1. Cobwebs Queen.

eyeliner web

Black is so the color for Halloween, so guessing that you are planning on wearing a black dress we present you this look. The look is easy to create and is created with something you must have in your makeup pouch, a black eyeliner. Well yes, all you need is a black eyeliner and some skills to work with it. So if you could not get yourself a costume yet you can just pull out any black dress you possess and do this black eyeliner makeup to go with your dress. The cobwebs disguise you see in the picture is easy to create, all you have t do is get your hands over your trusty eyeliner and begin. Start by putting on your eyeliner like you would on any other day, line your top and bottom lash areas with it and make it pointed over both the ends. Next, you will need to clean any mistakes with a concealer and start with your web with a good waterproof eyeliner. Start extending lines like rays of the sun toward your jaw, from your lower eyelashes. Make a grid between them to make them look web-like. Use a dark shade over your lips to go with the look.