10 Best Places To Visit Before You Die (10 Images)

1. The Fairy Pools on the Aisle of Skye, Scotland.

fairy pools

Traveling the world is something everybody wants to do. Not everyone though is able to visit the entire world in a single lifetime, especially with so much else to be offered to. Hence here we are providing you the 10 places that should be your first priorities. Here is the first one. Here we have this beautiful natural site from Scotland. The place gained massive popularity in October 2013 and has been visited heavily ever since. It runs in the direction of South to North, with the River Brittle. If you ask the exact location of these pools they are found in Cullins hills in the Isle of Skye. These are a series of pools found the cold pools of clear water form into a waterfall and fall down from Black Cullen’s foothills right into the Glen Brittle.