11 Confusing Pictures That Will Make You Look More Than Once (12 Images)

1. Which hand is hers?

The pretty young lady posing with her hands over her waist does not know herself how confusing she looks. The girl is perhaps having a great night out and capturing for herself memories of the night. Beside her is basically a dude with a drink in his hand and has his arm stretched out. The way he has put his arm in front and is looking back makes one confuse his hand with that of the girl’s.

girl arms

You can only see his upper arm and that he is looking back that is why you do not even doubt that he has got anything to do with the confusion of the picture. The nail paint over the lady’s nails help a lot and makes one sure which of the hands are hers. The dude’s arm also puts a deep shadow over the girl’s arm, hiding her forearm too, creating further confusion in the picture.

Well thanks to the difference you can clearly see in both the hands of one being a bit manly and the other having a nail paint over it clears the confusion.