These People On Facebook Will Make You Cringe (6 Images)

Remember the days when we all had that one friend who refused to create a Facebook account, thinking it will probably just be one of those fads. Fair to say those people lost and are now considerably behind the eight-ball. What’s more, most of them probably did eventually create a Facebook account by now.

It’s rare to find someone who isn’t on Facebook these days who are from the millennial generation. Now that you know that, you can probably imagine what you might see if your had the abilities of Mark Zuckerberg — a man with a master key to every single Facebook account.

Luckily thinking mark Zuckerbeg could oversee every Facebook account would be similar to thinking Santa can make it around to every house. It’s just not a realistic goal. That’s why we are here! To bring you all of the best pictures from around social media that will make you cringe — without anything rude of course.

Sometimes it’s in the text where things go horribly wrong. How many days of the week do you take a look at the Facebook comments instead of clicking through to an article? If you are anything like me it’s every day. Moreover, just about all of those same days I am left shaking my head at what seems like the majority of opinions of any one given comment thread. If that happens to you too, don’t worry. It’s normal. I think.

Here is a man in the comments that makes you want to face palm.