You Won’t Believe What These Selfie Sticks Captured (7 Images)


It’s one thing to have the courage to hold a selfie stick and not fear looking like an idiot to the world. I don’t think I’ll ever fully understand the confidence and unconditional love some people have toward the selfie stick. It’s as if they don’t realize the world is looking at them like they are idiots, or at least they haven’t a care in the world about it.

With that being said, it’s another thing all together when you decide to do stupid things with a stupid selfie stick in your hand. Like a double-dose of dumb. The problem in this picture isn’t so much the ignorant man holding the stick but rather the girl who has forgotten to watch the road while she’s driving because she’s posing for the ‘selfie’ picture. ┬áSometimes people can be so involved in conversation that they look at the person talking in the eye and forget what they are doing. Yeah, I’ve been there and nearly drove off the road doing it. In this instance, I don’t think this girl has forgotten she is driving. Instead, she just wanted to pose for the picture thinking that it’s OK.