How To Dress For Your Body Shape (5 Images)

1. Hourglass body shape.


A body is composed of proportions that nature bestows you with, not every body is the same and not every body looks good in the same set of clothes. Fashion is about looking good with dressing the body that you have in the best way possible. First up we have, hourglass body type. The name explains what the body with this type must look like. In such a body, the hips and shoulders of the person are almost the same size while their waist being thinner comparatively. In turn the body ends up looking like an hourglass. With a body like that you should stop trying to hide it under clothes and try to eliminate baggy clothes from your life. A skinny jeans or any pants would look great on you that are successful to make your waist look prominent and also the legs. You might even use a belt over a dress to make your flaunt-able waistline look more prominent. A wrap dress would do the job. Your curves can be made to look super gorgeous even in a V-neck top and believe us that is an extra of your figure. Pairing it up with a skirt will make your waistline accentuated and your God gifted silhouette would look gorgeous. Some more tips are that you should always wear a good supportive brazier to flaunt your bust and light fabrics would compliment your natural figure.