10 Most Powerful Politicians In the World (10 Images)

All average adults know these names very well, as they hear them very often over the radio or their TV sets. We today are talking about the world’s top ten most powerful politicians, and would like to go in a descending order.

10. Bashar Al-Asad.

Bashar Al-asad

This handsome face was sired by Afez al Asad, who after his dad passed away in 2000 took the charge in his hand. From the University of Damascus he had graduated with a degree of a medical school. He started working as a physician in the Syrian Armed force. Syria had been facing many problems at that point and still is, but this man stood strong in his place. He is a strong, dedicated and true leader of the Syrian nation, who has never backed onto any promise he has ever made. He had already been stated to be the best leader Syria had ever had even when his father lived. Now obviously he deserved at least the tenth place over this list we are posting today.