10 Most Expensive Shoes in the World (10 Images)

Now shoes might be something you wear on your feet, but being worn on the feet does not mean nobody is going to see that garment. The shoes here cost so highly but it does not mean that it is because they serve the purpose they are worn for very well. That is to protect the feet.

10. ($60,ooo) Air Jordan 1 Silver Shoes.

Air Jordan

These are the only basketball shoes that have come to this list, the others that were able to make here are stilettos or slippers. Like one might expect they do come from the famous brand name, Air Jordan. Michael Jordan, the legend of the basketball history was gifted this shoe by Nike. He received it as a present over his birthday and also this was to appreciate his helping hand in the brand’s launch into the stratosphere. With each shoe weighing a total of 10 pounds, only 10 pairs have existed in the world. These were made out of sterling silver and hence you cannot even wear these. The very first Air Jordans that were released originally were priced at $40 for the pair. The company’s product sold very well in the consumer market and they made enough profit out of the sales, to make these special edition’s pair hundreds of times more. Now you must be wondering why would somebody pay so much to buy a shoe that cannot even be worn, but it might be a perfect spot to blow money for a Michael Jordan fan.