5 Most Useful Free Apps For Your Phone

4. Evernote


Just like with DropBox, Evernote is a name that’s really popular and said around the web but you might not know what it’s about. With Evernote, you can download the app and store notes. It’s much better than the standard stock apps that come for this sort of thing. I use mine as a place where I store all details about work-related duties so I know to open Evernote up and the answer will be waiting. However, Evernote is also much more than that. Evernote also let’s users include files and syncs all the files in the cloud. That way you’ll always have the notes saves in Evernote regardless of what device and version of the app you are using. Stock iOS apps and Android apps don’t come close to producing the interface and usability that this app has managed to conjure up.

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