10 Dumbly Expensive Overpriced Things Celebrities Purchased (10 Images)

Celebrities have long been known to make huge disposable incomes, now they need something they spend it on and they sometimes choose stupidly expensive things to buy. Mike Tyson for example is not supposed to be forgotten to be mentioned in this list, for the cats he bought. At the peak of his career he gained a lot of popularity and amidst it he bought two super expensive cats. These were not any usual ordinary little cats, but two baby tigers.

diamond encrusted

If you are a female or have a daughter you must have come across buying a barbie doll. For decades barbie has been the doll every girl has wanted. Beyonce’s little baby girl Blue Ivy, like any girl too needed to have a barbie doll but the mother had to prove her love and did not want to go cliche. She did not want to hit a Walmart store and buy her just another usual barbie. So for her daughter’s very first birthday she got her a customized barbie doll. This doll dressed in white gold, covered with more than 150 gems has reportedly costed Beyonce about $85,000. Many people believe that the shape of a barbie sets for little girls goals that are not achievable. A diamond encrusted barbie is a whole next level, and gifting it to a toddler is just pointless as she would not even know what she is holding in her hands.