12 Things You Can Do With Vodka Besides Drink It (12 Images)

1. Dirty Glasses

dirty glasses

Vodka might be known to you only as a liquor to get you high, what one might not know is it works as a very efficient cleaner for smudged glasses. The best part is, the vodka you use for this should not necessarily be branded and expensive. Any glass lens can be cleaned using vodka, including your camera lenses. All you need to do is take a little vodka on a clean piece of microfiber cloth and then clean all the areas of the surface where dirt could possibly be. If you suspect your liquor to be too strong you might even dilute it using water. All the finger prints, dust and dirt particles and other impurities will all vanish right with the first wipe. All you need to do is work the cloth in circles over your lens. Microfiber will make sure there is no residue or pattern left over the surface.