The 18 Year Old Who Has The World’s Longest Tongue (7 Images)

Adrienne Lewis finds her tongue to be 4 inches long

Adrianne Lewis, an 18 year old girl from Twin Lake, Michigan, United States has recently started claiming that she has got the world’s longest tongue! She believes her tongue is 4 inches long when stretched down to its full length, but she has yet to get it measured by the official Guinness world records team. Adrianne wishes with all her heart to beat Nick Stoeberl who currently holds the record of having the world’s longest tongue, with his tongue measuring to be 3.9 inches long. Adrianne relishes what she can do with her tongue and that includes simply alot! She can touch her nose, elbow and foot with it and with a bit of help from her hand she can even touch the tip of her tongue to her eye.