Eek! Best Friends Husband Caught Her Cheating Red Handed With Camera! (3 Images)

We all have friends that have girlfriends and boyfriends. We all have partners that sometimes share time with our friends whether it be with us in the room because you needed to kill two birds with one stone or because you didn’t want to exclude the other. Often our worst nightmare in those situations is our friend falling for our lovers and god forbid vise verse! believe it or not it happens. Luckily that’s not the case we have here today. No, this one is much more simple. Unluckily for the woman, her husbands best friends is at the same place as her. We don’t know if they work at the same place or if they just happens to be out at the same place. The camera clip or short enough to never really zoom out and give as a good shot of the area. However, we know it’s genuine and currently going viral right around the web.

Some people despise cheating. In fact in some parts of the world you can be stoned to death for such a crime. Out west it’s looked down upon but nowhere to that degree. They estimate that roughly 40% of couples cheat at one point. As we get older life gets more complicated and it’s not uncommon to find yourself in one of those moments (knowing you won’t get stoned) and something just happens where you kiss someone else. You ought to do everything in your power to stop that from happening because once you did it the first time often you’ll go back for more. Why? Well, what’s the difference between doing something once or twice? Now that it’s two times what’s the difference between two and three? You see where I’m going with this. You want to not let the one time happen or else often instead of fessing up we continue to do it and act like its fine.

Here is the clip where she gets totally busted on camera for the world to see.

Here is a still shot taken from the footage of the man she’s with. He is quick-witted enough to pick up his smart phone and shine the light (probably from iOS 7 or iOS 7 quick settings screen) at the time. Who knew it would come in handy this much. From swiping up at the bottom of the screen on the iPhone 4S and up, you can access another menu which has a few settings including start the torch, stopwatch, calculator and camera. Here’s he is shining the light back at the camera so the camera on this side can’t see his face. That’s incredibly smart for somebody doing something so stupid don’t you think?

As I mentioned before, this clip is 100% genuine. Big-time website such as news dot-com picked up the story after it first arrived on Reddit. Reddit is a website where people can share posts of their own content. It’s one of the largest site’s in the world. The text beneath the original post explained “After finding out, the husband went home, took the car, took her ring, and told her she had until the end of the day to move out.”