9 Odd Life Hacks That Will Make You Say “Why Didn’t I Think Of that?!” (9 Images)

Sure, we’ve all seen the occasional ‘life hacks’ article around the web before, but we are confident we’ve come up with a new batch of photos that are not only different from any hacks you’ve seen before, but will also leave you speechless unless you are about to say “Why didn’t I think of that”. Don’t forget to click the next button over to the side and view the rest of the images because we only have one of them per page.

The first picture is a great way to toast your sandwich in the morning if you don’t have access to a traditional toaster. Why would I not have a toaster? Well, maybe it broke, maybe you’re away on a camping trip, or maybe your wife is going away with it on the girls weekend away. There’s plenty of reason why this is a great hack.